Pump Shaft Seals

Would you agree it's better to buy a mechanical seal that will last?

Why buy a pump seal made of brass or bronze when you can get one in stainless steel for less? Our standard metallurgy is 304 or 316 stainless. To provide the best quality we then focus on the seal faces. Mechanical seal faces are the heat of the seal, once they wear the seal will begin to fail.

But is there more ?

Yes, if you want your seals to last you must use high quality elastomers. To often seal manufatures will use the cheapest available material on this key element of a mechanical seal.

Our seals are tested, checked and rechecked for quality. Insist on AS&P seals.

Type ASP-21 Type ASP-2 Type ASP-1
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Spring Seals

Mechanical Seals: Working Length

The "working length" of the seal is critical to your seal application.  To identify  the working length, measure your mechanical seal end to end as it is pictured above, this is your seals "total length".  From this you must subtract 50% of the   uncompressed spring length. This is your mechanical seals working length.

For seal dimensions follow this link and look up the seal by shaft size and "Type" (A,B,C,D,E,F,K,N,Q,R,S,T or ,U)

For instructions on how to identify a used seal follow this link


Did you know you can change seal types to boost the pressure capablity of your seal. O-ring monut seats will handle higher pressures than cup mount seats for example. On the other hand, if your pumps seat bore is worn, a cup mount seat which has more rubber to seal, may be a better choice.

We offer multiple Face Seal seat styles to fit your pump.

Seat Types


Mechanical Seals: Material Codes

To decipher a mechanical seals materials code,  use the following chart

Elastomers Seal Face Metal Parts Seal Seats Springs
B. Buna A. Bronze A. Bronze A. Bronze E. Monel
V. Viton C. Carbon D. Brass G. Cast Iron F. Stainless
N. Neoprene H. Glass Filled PTFE E. Monel J. Ceramic  
    F. Stainless K. Ni-resist   
AFLAS TM M. Molded Plastic   L. Silicon Carbide  
Secondary Seals        
T- PTFE     Z. Tungsten Carbide  
I. Non Asbestos Z. Tungsten Carbide      

A sample material code could be:  B C F L F
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 Mechanical Seals

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