Installation Instructions

Dynamic hydraulic or pneumatic seals are generally referred to as automatic seals since they do not need to be adjusted once they have been installed. It is therefore important to install packing sets correctly to get optimum, performance. It is essential when installing the Vee packing not to be over compress the set. The set should be allowed sufficient loading to initially seal but yet flex or relax on a stroke return.

Removing old packing.

A.) Use extreme care in removing the old packing, avoid any damage to the associated metal parts.

B.) After removal of the packing set, the sealing space must be thoroughly cleaned. Caution should be exercised to prevent damage to metal components, Particularly when removing compacted or solidified deposits from metal surfaces. Be extremely careful to flush any of the debris out of the system. Any contaminants remaining in the system will shorten seal life.

C.) Examine metal components. Scratches and gouges that are not repaired at this stage will result in substantially reduced sealed life.


II. Installation:

A.) Cleanliness must be maintained throughout the procedure.



B.) Protect the seals from nicks and cuts. Damage is commonly caused by passing the seal over sharp edges, shoulders, ports or threads during installation. Such obstructions should be masked or shielded to prevent damage.

C.) Lubrication greatly eases his installation and equipment reassembly. Satisfactory results are often obtained by using the system fluid as the lubricant.

D.) When installing V-rings, make sure that they are facing in the direction of the media of being sealed, whether liquid or air. This ensures that the system pressure will energize the seal lips and set them for proper sealing.

E.) Seat each ring individually making sure that sections of the rings are not turned over or twisted.

F.) If installing split rings, stagger the joint buying 90 degrees from each succeeding ring.

G.) After that installation, I adjust gland pressure sufficiently to snug the rings within the confining cavity. Excessive loading will result in reduced life of the packing.


A comment on Lubrication:

Should you desire more lubrication than system fluids can supply, a light oil lubrication will not damage the v-packing and may ease installation. We do not recommend the use of Grease or silicone

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